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Hassle Free Plane Travel

Boarding soon? Here's just what you need to know before heading to the airport, where ever your destination may be. Take these tips on board and we can guarantee your trip is a smooth one, and your flight more comfortable.

Check in before you leave the house

You can check in online around 72 hours before your flight’s departure. Doing this saves the hassle of the dreaded check-in queue! These lines are arduously long and are not the best way to start your holiday – a much better time will surely be had sipping a cocktail in the departure lounge?  Many airlines now let you print your own boarding pass at home. Some even have ‘paperless tickets’ where you can download an app and scan your boarding pass via your phone or tablet. One less thing to worry about when you leave the house. As all airline policies differ somewhat, it is always best to remain on the safe side - be sure to check your check in options with your individual flight company, and choose what is most hassle-free for you.

Liquid rules

Airline rules across the board state that no containers larger than 100ml are to be carried in hand luggage. Anything over 100ml, pack into your hold luggage, or it will be confiscated at airport security. Avoid the stress by keeping all liquids (that includes gels, pastes, creams, lipsticks and makeup etc.) in a clear plastic bag. The bag must be sealed and no larger than 1L capacity. You can grab these at the airport, but save the fussing and plan ahead – many pharmacies and health stores sell these pouches so you are good to go. Have your liquids pouch separate and in the airport tray at security to save having to open your luggage. Drinks cannot be taken through security. Some exceptions can be made for duty free purchases from the airport, provided they are sealed and you have the appropriate documentation (i.e. receipt) to show should it be required.

Keep it casual

Comfort is king when travelling. Long trousers/ skirts will keep the backs of your legs off that often sticky airline seat, and jumpsuits are a no-go. Belts and metal accessories are best left for your destination as they can set off the metal detectors and cause unnecessary stress when you are made to re-enter the detector and be patted down by airport security. Heels are impractical and will slow you down, as will any shoe that is hard to remove. Many airports now require all passengers to remove all shoes as a precaution when going through security. The easier your shoes are to remove, the faster you will be on your way to your adventure!

Organise your entertainment

Many people choose to travel ‘hand luggage only’ these days (if this includes you, our ‘how to pack your hand luggage like a pro’ blog could be for you!). However, even if you have hold luggage checked, carry-on bags are seemingly getting bigger in line with our love of in-flight entertainment. iPads, iPods, magazines, games, Kindle’s or old-school books: they all take up space. Have the most-used items at the top, and keep all ‘flight entertainment’ handy to save you having to root around your hand luggage on a packed plane. Make sure everything is charged up, perhaps bring a power pack to charge your phone in-flight, and enjoy your journey!

Pack your Kip-Kit

Once discovered, the Kip-Kit will be your absolute travel essential! Ideal to help follow your hassle-free airport experience with a hassle-free flight, it packs away neatly into your hand luggage and will help you to get some well-deserved restful sleep. Supporting your chin to alleviate tension in your neck and back, you will seriously wonder how you ever travelled without it! More details can be found here:  https://www.kip-kit.com/products/kip-kit-travelling-chin-rest

We hope you found these tips useful. What would you add as your top tip to reduce stress at the airport? We'd love to know, please comment below. Additionally, next week we'll be sharing our best travel apps of the year so make sure you check back for that or like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KipKitSocial/