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Kip-kit Alternative Travel Pillow

Kip-Kit® - The Alternative Travel Pillow

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Kip-Kit - The Alternative Travel Pillow. Offers the what other inflatable travel pillows don't, support for your head and neck letting you drift off to sleep sitting down in an upright, safe & comfortable position. Ideal for economy air travel, long coach journeys, and even waiting around in airports & stations.

The Kip-Kit can easily be folded up when not in use and can fit comfortably into a pocket or bag. Kip-Kit cradles your chin in its elastomeric diaphragm and keeps your head in an upright, safe and comfortable position. No more sore neck.

Dimensions Unfolded
  • Overall length: 270mm
  • Width of chin cup: 133mm
  • Depth of chin cup: 90mm
  • Bottom of chin cup to bottom of chest pad: 230mm
  • chest pad diameter: 100mm
  • Weight: 225g
Dimensions Folded
  • Overall length: 150mm
  • Max width: 133mm
  • height: 80mm
  • Weight: 268g
Neck Strap
  • Length: 840m
  • width: 25mm
  • Neck Pad Length: 250mm

Manufactured by injection molding using tough nylon and short glass reinforcement. Chin pad similarly formed in thermoplastic elastomer to around shore A 20. Hinge fixings - stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts. Chest piece padded with 100mm diameter neoprene rubber - 10mm thick.

  • Kip-Kit®
  • Neck strap
  • Neck strap pad
  • Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mrs Clare Cork

Was a good item for keeping head up

John Seitzinger
It definitey appears to work!

I have not tested it on an airplane but at home I have and it definitely appear that it will work, which is awesome. The only teeny wish I have it that it would come with a small soft fabric carry case that could be hooked to the outside of your roll-a-board. Although admittedly I was able to squeeze it into my computer brief which is pretty full. Accessing it after in my seat my be quite challenging. But looks like this is going to work. Yahoo. - John

Just What I Was Looking For!

This is really the perfect design for a travel "pillow", and is everything I was looking for. It holds up the head in a sensible position, sets up and disassembles in a flash, doesn't need inflating or deflating (so you don't risk having it suffer a puncture while traveling), and isn't bulky or unwieldy. I've just received it, so I have yet to travel with it, but just from testing it at home I can tell that it'll be perfect. Some time ago I had actually tried to cobble together something that functioned as this does, except it looked awful, was fussy, and I misplaced one of the parts while in an airport. Kip-Kit is 1,000 percent better than anything I had cobbled together, sturdy, very comfortable and easy to use. I could not be happier with it, and finally am looking forward to getting improved sleep on my next plane trip!

Sophie Panteli
A Very Clever Gadget

I bought this for my disabled husband who is wheelchair bound. When his neck gets weak and his head drops down, it makes going out very difficult, we used the KipKit the other day and it kept his head up all the time we were shopping, this made the trip much more comfortable and easier, for all of us. So it’s got another useful function, well done whoever invented it!

Hamish Moseley
Super succour for slow sojourns

This device is a boon for anyone with a long neck on long journeys. Really helped with my tired nodding. Sadly my adam's apple prevented me from breathing whilst using it but that's my issue not the devices.