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You Know the Feeling

Dog tired, struggling to get comfortable. Eventually you fall asleep anyway and you wake - with a sore neck. You have probably tried some of those neck pillows, or various other gadgets that are over complicated or don't work that well. What you really need is support for your chin, to take the strain from the muscles at the back of the neck. 

Developed Over a Decade

Kip-Kit® is a new device, developed over a decade. With the help of several very clever 3D designers, an expert in injection moulding, and extensive trials in many different travel situations. Planes, buses, trains, and the inevitable waiting around for your journey to begin

Kip-Kit - Alternative travel pillow

Heart of the Design

At the heart of the device is the soft elastomeric diaphragm which comfortably supports your chin. A great deal of effort has gone into getting this part of the design "just right".

Folds Away in Moments

For when you are in a hurry - Kip-Kit's compact design allows for you to easily fold it away and store in your pocket or travel bag in moments. When it is time to get some more rest - just unfold and place back under your chin. Constantly inflating and deflating neck pillows will be a distant memory.

Kip-Kit - the travelers rest aid

Spinal Health

Turning to the mechanical/medical aspects of the problem, the ideal posture to adopt when seated and the one which will minimise stress on the neck /spine and the neck muscles is one where the head is held as upright as possible. In the happy circumstances where you have a proper back to the seat provided then better still is a posture where the head can be rested on a backward leaning seat back.

It is considered that the extra loads imposed by the weight of the head will increase by 5kg for every 25mm the head is bent forwards, increasing the work your neck muscles have to do.

Unfortunately whilst travelling you may often find yourself in situations where the seating is far from ideal and without some additional support your neck muscles are having to work overtime to keep your head erect. If you do fall asleep your neck muscles automatically relax and your head will drop forwards.

Often this will wake you but if you are so exhausted that you do sleep-on your neck will be over stressed and the chances are you will wake with a sore neck.

The diagrams above indicate how the different forces act to tilt the head forward once the neck muscles have relaxed. Kip-Kit when properly adjusted will gently support your chin and stop your head from nodding forwards and so allow you to relax your neck muscles and to feel more comfortable in your seat. To get the best result your posture should be such that your head is as upright as is comfortable and thus the loads on the neck are minimised and consequently also, the loads imposed on your Kip-Kit. Where there is a back rest to your seat then the head should be resting on it before the Kip-Kit is adjusted to bring it up to fit your chin.

Once in this position you will be surprised how comfortable you will feel allowing you to relax, doze and even sleep and how refreshed you will feel when you wake.


I never found it easy to sleep comfortably on flights, always concerned about snoring or dribbling over my neighbours’ shoulder but using the Kip-Kit, its almost impossible to do either and I slept like a baby - Andy B