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How To Pack Your Hand Luggage Like A Pro

No matter how many times you travel by plane, it is always a struggle to get the essentials into that surprisingly small hand luggage holdall or case. With many airlines now charging a hefty premium for checked luggage, many travellers are opting to go ‘hand luggage only’. If executed cleverly, it will be all you need… and you will save time by skipping the luggage belt on arrival. Here are our top ten tips on how to cram all the essentials into your hand luggage allowance.

Things to consider before you pack…

(Because packing like a pro begins before you even pull your case from the attic!)

1. Is your intended case within your chosen airline’s allowance?

Although broadly similar, each airline has slightly different maximum dimensions for their hand luggage allowance. An inch or two can make a huge difference when it comes to squeezing your case in the overhead locker or beneath the seat in front of you, and most plane interiors differ. Don’t get scuppered with an additional fee at the check in desk!

2. How about that handbag?

Many airlines now let passengers carry on two pieces of hand luggage: A small case/ holdall plus a laptop bag/ handbag. This vital piece of info will save you precious space. You could keep essentials and documents etc. in your easily-accessible bag, leaving clothes etc. in your larger carry-on bag.

3. 100ml is 100ml…

For some time airlines have imposed a strict maximum liquid container size of 100ml. Save time and hassle – and avoid the risk of confiscated items – by obeying this rule!

200ml hairspray that’s half full? No. Full sized sun cream? No. Sealed 500ml water? No. Travel sized goods? Yes! Stock up on miniature (100ml or less) essentials beforehand – or buy at your destination if you are unsure. Remember waxes, gels and lipsticks etc. class as ‘liquids’ and will need to be contained in your clear sealed 1L bag.

4. Laundry facilities?

With holiday rentals on the rise over traditional hotels, you could have washing machine or laundry facilities at your disposal. This could literally half your packing load, making your packing task easier from the get go!

Pro packing…

5. Keep on rolling

Rolling your clothes will reduce creases and increase the available space in your case. It’s a win/win situation! Bonus points if you roll and stuff your socks/ bra in your shoes. Which brings us to…

6. Two feet, twenty shoes?!

Whilst it would be wonderful to travel with a trunk full of shoes, it simply isn’t practical. And let’s be honest: who really wears all of the shoes they pack? Take a load off your luggage (and your back!) by being practical; a pair of sandals/flip flops, walking/training shoes and a pair of ‘go-with-everything’ heels for the ladies should be more than adequate. Wear the ‘bulkiest’ pair to travel in for extra space.

7. Utilise outer pockets!

Remember that outer pocket on the suitcase you’ve never really used? Well now it’s time for it to shine! The last thing you want to be doing on the plane is unpacking your suitcase – underwear and all – in front of a jam-packed plane. Keep magazines, iPads, headphones and general plane entertainment in an easy-to-reach place.

8. Zip-lock hack

Avoid the worry of toiletries leaking onto your precious gadgets by securing all electronics in zip-lock bags. If there’s space, light coloured clothes will also thank you for this treatment, and will provide padding for your said gadgets.

9. Leave the guidebooks at home

Offline apps are just as useful and take up literally no physical space. Download before your set off and be a clever traveller.

10. Utilise all of your plane time

Enjoy forty winks on the journey to reward yourself after all that packing prowess! Arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go. Whilst it can be difficult to fall asleep in transit (especially if you’re not lucky enough to bag the window seat!), the Kip-Kit could be your new best friend. It easily tucks into your hand luggage and will provide all the support you need to have a restful snooze on your flight. Visit https://www.kip-kit.com/products/kip-kit-travelling-chin-rest to be informed when they are available in the UK, and for product information and technical specifications.

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