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Savvy Travellers: Great Gadgets For Your Pet Peeves!

Travelling is a wonderful experience, and as people become better travelled, they learn that creature comforts and plain common-sense gadgets play a bigger part than they used to. Over time, minor travel bugbears can become massive headaches! That’s why we’re compiled a list of the best travel accessories which aim to eliminate a few of your travel pet peeves.

Camelbak lobo hydration pack
Decathlon  |  £54.99

Camelbak lobo hydration pack Decathlon

Every traveller knows the importance of staying hydrated. Being thirsty or dehydrated when travelling is not just a bit annoying – it can be dangerous. Whether you are meandering around villages or cycling across a humid mountain range, this Camelbak hydration pack provides you with easy access to water. Its generous 6-litre capacity can be extended by a 2.5-litre ‘hydration bladder for cross-country marathons’.

Bose Quietcontrol 30 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones
John Lewis  |  £254.99

Tangled wires seem that much more difficult to unravel after a 13-hour flight, don’t they? Wireless headphones are paving the way for the future of all headphones, and Bose create some of the best. These discreet, in-ear headphones have a heaven-sent ‘noise cancelling’ function will drown out the most irritating sounds, meaning the most testing part of your journey will be the choice of your crisp, clear playlists or blissful silence.

Vumos leak-proof travel bottles
Amazon  |  £15 for four bottles

Yes, you read that correctly – leak free! Gone are the days of opening your case on arrival to discover a soapy mess and leaky, broken travel bottles. Avoid a “Ross Geller” moment by investing in this four-pack of sleek silicone bottles - they are even hand luggage approved.

Mahabis slippers
Mahabis.com  |  From £79

This London-based frontrunner of footwear boasts a dizzying number of combinations that enables you to build your perfect unisex slipper. Collapsible heels make putting them on a breeze, and the detachable soles put paid to the pet peeve of having to change your slippers to nip outside. Stylish, comfortable, practical – they win from all angles!

Compression socks
Boots  |  £13.99

With long journeys comes increased risk of fluid build-up in feet and legs, as well as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). In fact, just four hours of inactivity can put you at risk. Reduce the chances of developing either of these ailments by investing in a pair of compression flight socks. Simply pop them on in place of your regular socks and enjoy the journey! Painful feet are fun for nobody – especially when you have countries to explore!

Power pack: Zendure A8 QC Pro Portable Charger 26,800mAh
Amazon  |  £72.95

For most people, travelling without a phone or tablet is simply incomprehensible today – especially as they often double up as cameras, organisers, alarms and notepads. An (un)popular pet peeve is therefore, unsurprisingly, gadgets running out of power. This Zendure portable charger is one of the best – and most powerful – on the market. Easily charge multiple gadgets simultaneously using the USB connection ports. Peace of mind just got a little more tangible. Take it everywhere!

Kip-kit.com  |  £29.95

Become an early adopter of the latest and ultimate in travel comfort. The Kip-Kit is a neck and chin support that is designed for travel. If cramped seats and ‘head nodding’ is the pet peeve that is stopping you from drifting off properly, the Kip-Kit will gently support your head for hands free comfort. It neatly tucks away in your hand luggage, and is great for road trips! Arrive at your destination well rested and free of neck and back strains and pains.

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