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How To Sleep Comfortably Whilst Travelling

There are two types of travellers in this world: those who can sleep on a plane, and those who cannot. If that last sentence filled you with sleep envy- this one’s for you!

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, there’s no need to sacrifice sleep just because you’re away from home. Catching precious rest in transit are a great way to squeeze the most time out of your trip, whilst feeling energised on your trip. Here's how…

Block it out!

Sensory distraction is the root cause of many travellers’ restlessness. Switch off your phone if possible, but if you must use it, switch on the blue light filter function (or download a blue light filter app). This filter blocks the light that keeps your brain engaged whilst you try to sleep.

An eye mask will block out visual distractions (runaway toddler, we’re looking at you!) It will also - more importantly - block out light so your brain can get into ‘night’ or ‘sleep’ mode. In a similar vein, invest in some earplugs: they’re easy to carry, inexpensive and will block out much of the distracting noises on a plane (here comes that toddler in a tantrum again!)

If you need some kind of noise to sleep, why not try a white noise app? This will let your brain switch off from all that is going on around you, and allow you to rest peacefully.

Save the bubbles for your destination

For many a pre-travel cocktail is as synonymous with a holiday as packing the SPF30. Similarly, many of us grab a coffee to perk us up after an arduous morning of schlepping to the airport. Yet alcohol and caffeine both stimulate your brain for many hours after you have finished enjoying them, leaving your sleeping pattern in tatters and your body in that ‘wide awake yet sleepy’ limbo.

Peppermint teas and alcohol-free, low sugar cocktails are sensible alternatives for the seasoned traveller who appreciates their in-flight snooze.

Find a comfortable position

Airline and coach seats have seemingly been getting smaller as the years go by. Uncomfortable and cramped, it is little wonder why so many struggle to sleep in them.

Some get close to the land of nod, but just as they drift their head nods, their body jerks them awake. In these instances, try the KipKit. It’s a head and neck support that is easy to pack in your hand luggage and gives all the support you need to not only sleep in transit - but also to avoid the crooked neck and residual back pain that usually comes with a travel nap!

Keep it calm

Now you have found your perfect sleeping position with the KipKit, focus on your breathing. Perhaps a meditation podcast will help you drift off to sleep. Essential oils such as lavender are known for their calming properties and are well worth investing in - in fact, many refuse to travel without these herbal heroes!

Remember that sleep problems are a very normal side effect of travelling, and feeling anxious about your lack of sleep may only make things worse. Instead, make use of the accessories above and speak to your doctor if your insomnia becomes a serious issue.

What are your tips to get a good night’s sleep on holiday? Please let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KipKitSocial/