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Bucket List Worthy Road Trips

Road trips offer a unique experience whereby the traveller gets to see more of their chosen destinations, and at their own pace. Off-the-beaten-track towns, wind-in-your-hair highways or totally hidden gems that simply could never be found from the seat of a plane or train await. From the wild and magnificent to the nostalgic and picturesque, here are four of the best drives on the planet to add to your bucket list.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Stelvio Pass, Italy

A favourite amongst car enthusiasts, motor cyclists, mountain bike riders, skateboarders – in fact just about anyone on wheels! You’d be hard pressed to find a more exciting stretch of road than Stelvio Pass. Forty-two kilometres of bendy hairpin corners zig-zag through the serene backdrop of the Swiss-Italian mountains, making it as much of a visual treat as a speedy experience!

This special road is only open in the summer months due to the dangers that winter brings to the area (We’re looking at you, ice and snow). Be sure to pencil in your trip at the right time and check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Yukon Golden Circle, USA

Yukon Golden Circle, USA

If wilderness is what you desire, then this road is for you! These mountains used to attract Prospectors aplenty during the Gold Rush. Today there’s not much left in the way of gold, but there is one of the best – and most beautiful – driving experiences in the world to discover.

Non-stop it’s a ten hour drive, but then you’d miss the soul of this historical land. Step back in time at one of the many small and traditional towns or take in the views en route: whether it’s winter’s snow-capped mountains, or summer’s plush greenery - every season has an attraction all of its own.

Milan-Rome, Italy

Drive Milan-Rome, Italy

If the wild doesn’t fill you with warmth, then this intercity route has your name on it! Experience the bright lights of Italy’s best cities with just enough scenery to get you by in between. Start in Milan and take in the beauty of the Italian countryside as you hot-foot it through Parma, Florence, Pisa and Perugia before rounding off your journey in the nation’s capital, Rome.

This route is for the traveller who truly wants it all! Drive the route in its entirety in seven hours, or stay over in one of the many buzzing cities and towns along the way. If you want to slow the pace, rest your head in a sleepy Italian village. A completely customisable trip that takes in the beach, city and mountainous countryside - The beauty of this road trip is that the itinerary is in your control!

Route 66, USA

Route 66, USA

No bucket list of drives is complete without Route 66. Once upon a time, the now-legendary stretch of road was the main route between Chicago and California and has featured in countless films and TV series as a means to a new life. Route 66 itself was removed from the US Highway System in 1985 and replaced with the modern – and more direct – Interstate Highway System... but that hasn’t stopped millions favouring the nostalgic, longer route over the years and to this day.

It is now known as ‘Historic Route 66’ and at almost 4,000km long, it is certainly worth splitting the journey with a fellow traveller or two.


For longer journeys, splitting the driving duty is always recommended: Rested travellers are happy travellers! Splitting duties also gives all members of your travelling troupe plenty of opportunity to take in the scenes and soak up the atmosphere for themselves.

Resting in a car is far from easy - you struggle to get comfy, head rested against the widow, or flopping forward can put serious strain from the muscles at the back of the neck. Prepare as thoroughly for your body and wellbeing as you have for the route of your road trip.

The Kip-Kit has been developed over a decade, and provides complete support for your chin which reduces the strain from the muscles at the back of the neck, leaving you comfortable in your seat, able to nod off and wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready for the holiday fun to continue. Because why would anyone want to ruin a good road trip with exhaustion and neck pain?

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